It's Ok not to be Ok right now!, 10/16/20

Dear STL Family,
While the above quote conjures up a beautiful visual image, it also prompts me to reflect on the things we cling to and have to let go of or put on hold. 
I want to thank the handful of volunteers joining our Pastoral Care for the Sick Ministry Team. We had hoped to begin training this coming week. However, we're back on hold according to the latest diocesan directive:
  • Holy Communion can be brought to the home of one who is sick or homebound by a practicing Catholic who is: living in the same household; a family member or relative; or a regular caregiver of that individual. 
I am seeking further clarification and hoping to find a loophole as several parishioners hunger for Eucharist and volunteers anxious to serve.
I also want to share a letter with you from our wonderful volunteer ECC4K Committee:
  • Dear St. Luke Parishioners,
    It is with great disappointment that we have canceled the East County Christmas 4 Kids event this year. With the current State and County guidelines, we cannot move forward while maintaining social distancing, hand washing, face coverings, and sanitation of common spaces and surfaces for this event for over 3,500 children and their families. The committee is dedicated to continuing this amazing project in 2021. We couldn't do it without all of the St Luke Volunteers and will be sure to invite you back for next year.

    With Great Respect,
    ECC4K Committee
I know this news leaves us feeling empty. It leaves us grieving in a sense and like many of you have already experienced, we need space for that grief. I keep seeking healthy ways to wrestle with major missed life events due to COVID19.  We've adapted to new ideas – from birthday/graduation car parades to Zoom weddings. There's no re-do's but new ways of doing things aren't all that bad! 
I love how many of you are creating alternative ways to increase connection and almost make things more memorable in a different way. The Leon family, for instance, are celebrating Xavier's First Communion this coming Sunday with a drive-by parade of waves at the East Gate exit of our parking lot following the 9 am outdoor Mass. I'm also working with our parish team and partners for a different but memorable way to continue our Annual Giving Tree project this Advent season. I find that having conversations with friends or with myself help re-tool my expectations and find ways to work through my disappointment and grief. I recently read an article entitled, "It's Ok not to be Ok right now" and that's comforting to me because it helps me look at life and what's "normal". It also helps me practice gratitude for what I do have and what I can still do.
Ready for good news? Well, just read the Gospel! Just kidding! Check this out: 
  • Monday, Nov. 2nd, 6 pm Mass - All Souls' Day is a day of almsgiving and prayers for all the faithful departed, such as our family, relatives, and friends. Special envelopes for your intentions and donations will be distributed by the ushers beginning this weekend. You may also go to our website by clicking on this link:
    • enter your intentions (names) in the Comment section and
    • select your choice of monetary donation
  • Faith Formation Family Mass was held this past Wednesday. It was truly a joyous celebration wherein we also recognized our volunteer catechists and aides. Check out the attached photos! Remember, it's never too late to register your children and teens.
Hang in there with us. I hold the belief that more good news is to come for God is good all the time...
With a very grateful heart,
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Sent by Jane Alfano