Just Say "Yes, Lord!", 10/20/20

There is nothing worse than going through one of life’s storms and feeling like you’re alone. When there is a group in your church working to preserve, protect, and help marriages, struggling couples have a safe place to turn. And, they feel less isolated in their struggles as they walk alongside other couples.
Marriage Dynamics Institute
Dear Parish Couples,
When was the last time you felt a tugging at your heartstrings? I mean a time when you really felt God calling you to do something. Having said "Yes, Lord" as a Catholic woman, mom, wife, and friend myself has been a blessing. But to be honest with you, it's scary, overwhelming, thrilling, and pretty hard, all at the same time. Looking back now though, it's so comforting because God has shown me how to really live and know what it means to work out our salvation together. 
Did you know St. Luke has a Marriage Ministry? Yep, one that accompanies newly engaged couples, longtime civilly married couples, young couples, young-at-heart couples, all who desire and need Mentor Couples. 
Ok, stop right now. Just take a deep breath -- in and out, in and out...slowly! If you're experiencing even the slightest pounding in your chest, gasping of breath, instinctive shaking of your head to say 'no', then this could be God signaling to you to share your experience of love and support with another couple.
You may be already saying, "We don't fit the ideal profile." or "What can we offer?"
Here's the thing ~ If you believe you have a healthy marriage (NOT a perfect marriage), a heart for people (NOT a prideful heart), and a willingness to share and listen, then you pretty much have something to offer young couples. We have excellent resources to train and guide you as mentors. It's really just being disciples who can listen and encourage other couples with the attitude of -- We got through this! We're working through this! We're here to help you get through this, too! 
Won’t you consider being a Mentor Couple? We have a young couple right now who awaits an answer to their prayer.
Please contact Rich Warcholik, STL's Marriage Prep Coordinator, at (619) 933-8468 or [email protected]Feel free to also reply to this note and I'll put you in touch with Rich. We're here to answer any of your questions and to also pray with you!
Just a messenger here,
Sent by Jane Alfano