More Great News!, May 21, 2021

The Church of St. Luke The Church of St. Luke
Dear STL Family,
Happy birthday to us! It's a new rebirth in our Church that brings us more great news. On May 19, the bishops met with all the deans of our diocese to discuss how parishes could best implement the various guidelines recently issued by public authorities regarding COVID-19 prevention.  Here is our plan for now:
  • For the celebration of Mass, face coverings will continue to be required but social distance
    between individuals and households can be reduced to 3 ft. Note: We'll continue to keep the seating configuration of every other pew, but allow more seats in each occupied pew.
  • The congregation can now sing indoors and be led by a maximum of two cantors and one accompanist. Larger choirs will be permitted after June 15. Note: We'll have music books back in the pews shortly.
  • Reception of communion shall continue to be limited to the Body of Christ, received only in
    the hand. There shall be no distribution of the Precious Blood until the First Sunday of
    Advent. Note: Processional communion is already in place.
  • The congregation is encouraged to continue exchanging a no-contact socially-distanced sign of peace.
  • The offertory collection and the presentation of the gifts can return to normal pre-covid practice.       Note: We're already passing the collection baskets and will invite the faithful to present the gifts soon.
  • The use of cry rooms is left to the discretion of each parish if they deem it is safe to do so. Note: This is already in place. Wave to the families as you go by.
  • Every parish is encouraged to implement safe practices for the celebration of the sacrament
    of reconciliation. Note: Already in place at STL.
  • Baptism fonts and Holy Water fonts should not be filled until September.
I hope you will agree all is good...another step forward! Before long we can get back to being the vibrant community we are. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and for hanging in there with us. See you at church...
From my heart to yours,
Jane A.
Sent by Jane Alfano
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