September, A Time to Remember, 9/15/20

Dear STL Families,
September usually conjures up exciting emotions among members of my family - summer ends, school begins, neighborhood pick-up games end, college and professional football games begin. These emotions were quelled by COVID but we're hanging on to hope or seeking new joys. Instead of looking back with regrets, we're looking forward to the tangible, significant godsends ahead.
On this 15th day, we're right spang in the middle of September. I remember we have important events to finally celebrate - Full Initiation of our Catechumens and Candidates into the Catholic Church, the First Communions, Confirmation, and Baptisms. That's right! We get to conjure up images of Fr. Ron coming home soon for First Communion celebrations, the RCIA celebration we missed at Easter Vigil, and several infant Baptisms. We also get to experience Bishop John Dolan confirming our teen candidates. That's exciting, right?!?!
A colleague and good friend, Doris, at Our Lady of Grace parish, came up with a spiritual message using the acronym C-O-V-I-D:
  • Christ
  • Obviously
  • Values
  • Incredible
  • Disciples
And to me, that conjures up an actionable call, not by magic, but invoked by the Holy Spirit, to help each other remain hopeful and to encourage gratitude.
That message came to mind when I glanced at the calendar and noted that the September equinox will roll by on September 22nd. That means that the chances to see the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights increases for those located at high Northern Hemisphere latitudes. Viewing this natural phenomenon was a bucket list item for Frank and me. Sadly, we were unable to check it off before he died last year. But guess what? I learned it's on a very close friend's bucket list, too. So we plan to check it out when things lighten up. Once again I get to conjure up exciting emotions about my future adventures. God is good!
With a very grateful heart,
Everyone is invited to join ~
Live recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet
Keynote address by Most Rev. Robert Barron, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and founder of Word On Fire
Presentation of the Christifideles Laici Award to Attorney General William Barr and his acceptance remarks
Virtual Guest Bag for all participants
Additional prayer and speaker elements to be announced soon
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Sent by Jane Alfano