Weekly Connection 7-24-2020

Outdoor Mass at The Church of St. Luke

Sundays at 9:oo am


Let us gather under the heavens and on the front porch of God's house on
The Church of St. Luke's lot.

Dear Parishioners,
Thank you for your responses to the most recent Weekly Connection! After carefully evaluating the needs, available resources, and logistics of staging an outdoor Mass, we're offering one outdoor Mass starting this Sunday. Given that summer heat is a big consideration, especially in East County, we are canceling the regular 11:30 am Mass. Here is what you may expect:
  • Those of you sheltering at home may continue to view St. Luke's live-streamed Mass (Sat, 5:00 pm) or other Masses broadcast over the Internet or television. Please know that we miss you. We pray for you and pray with you!
  • Our weekly Sunday, 9 am Mass will be an outdoor Mass on the "front porch" of God's house here on St. Luke's lot.
  • Seat reservations are no longer required; no set maximum capacity.
  • The outdoor Mass seating is on the patio surrounding the fountain and under the trees, grass courtyard, the walkways, undeveloped dirt lot, and non-asphalt center section of the parking lot (only if necessary).
  • We will continue to observe the COVID-19 Health Order. Let me reiterate the fact that, for the foreseeable future, Bishop McElroy has dispensed all Catholics in the Diocese of San Diego from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass and holy days of obligation.
  • You are strongly encouraged to bring...
    • Lawn chairs or blanket
    • Personal hand sanitizers (we will have a couple of stations set up)
    • One person-sized umbrellas, hats and sunscreen
    • Bottled water (stay hydrated)
  • Ushers will escort you to your seats. Please remain in your selected seating area during Mass.
  • Because there are fewer restrictions for outdoor Mass, we will restore:
    • The Second Reading  
    • Communion will be distributed in the regular Order of Liturgy followed by the Concluding Rites.
      • You will remain in your selected social-distanced space
      • A Eucharistic Minister will bring Communion to you/your family
    • After the Dismissal, gather your personal belongings and follow the ushers' instructions for leaving your respective seats.
    • Please DO NOT congregate after Mass. Thank you for your cooperation.
I look forward to seeing all your SONshining faces. Until then, stay healthy and happy!
With a very grateful heart,
Pastoral Associate

You must wear your face coverings, avoid all unnecessary physical contact, and maintain a social distance of six feet AT ALL  TIMES.

Sent by Jane Alfano

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