Weekly Connection September 3, 2020

Come inside GOD's house. It's much cooler!

We got the Green Light to reopen our church doors and indoor worship space beginning this week.
Saturday 5:00 pm live-streamed Masses
are indoors.
Sunday 9:00 am Masses remain outdoors.
Dear STL Families,
One of my favorite childhood outdoor games was "Red Light, Green Light." However, after the past six months, this RED LIGHT - close church doors, GREEN LIGHT open church doors, RED LIGHT - close again, GREEN LIGHT - open again, made this game concept no longer one of my favorites. I know that the COVID-19 Health Order is definitely not a game and certainly no fun. I feel as if the variation of a YELLOW LIGHT command keeps us moving in continuous s-l-o-w motion while hopping, crawling, even walking backward. 
But clinging to the hope of God's promise, I believe it's his grace that gathers us in his house again. So with a few modifications, we will reinstate the guidelines before the shutdown of indoor worship services. We will continue to:
  • wear masks/face coverings at all times
  • keep a six-feet social distance spacing between household units
  • at we check-in at the front entrance, have our temperatures checked
  • self-sanitize our hands and wait to be escorted to our seats/pews
  • refrain from physical contact between household units at the Sign of Peace
  • receive Communion in the hand only
  • keep Communion at its normal place in the Order of the Mass; to restrict traffic congestion and prevent cross-contamination, 
    • the congregation will remain at their seats
    • wait for the Eucharistic Ministers to approach them as we do at the Sunday outdoor Mass.
  • make reservations by replying to this email or by going to our website 
    • Note: Thanks to our new Flocknote communication tool, indoor Mass reservations are easy and so convenient. Simply signup below.
Based on communication with our Bishop's Office, it is clear that parishes across our diocese are choosing to celebrate Mass indoors, outdoors, or both depending on their respective physical site situation and the desires of their communities. Having personally witnessed your show of support, a standing ovation, at this past Sunday's outdoor Mass announcement and your messages to me, we have decided to stay outdoors Sunday mornings for the coming weeks. 
For the first three weeks of September, we will be blessed to have Monsignor Richard Duncanson, retired pastor of Church of Nativity, as our Principal Celebrant at our Masses. Please join me in welcoming this humble servant and a great man of God!
Just a few last reminders ~ 
  • The Knights of Columbus-sponsored Evening of Prayer & Reflection is rescheduled to Saturday, October 10th following the 5:00 pm Mass.
  • 40 days of Life Campaign begins Sept. 23rd; contact Pat Riggs at [email protected]
  • Faith Formation Registration has begun; go to www.thechurchofstluke.org
Finally, my family and I wish you all a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!
With a very grateful heart,
Come inside GOD's house. It's cooler!
5:00 pm Mass - Sat, 09/05/2020 Sign up
Sent by Jane Alfano


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