COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Community Resources


Emergency Food Distribution Response

Catholic Charities San Diego (CCSD) has been diligently working to provide families who need food assistance. During this critical time, many people are homebound and unable to leave their homes to get the essentials, even meals. 

Connect to Emergency Food Distribution Network for more information on food orders, delivery options, and a list of participating parish locations in San Diego and Imperial Counties.  There are volunteer opportunities available. Learn more about how you can help!

For a list of participating parishes visit:


Diocese of San Diego letters/notices Regarding Covid 19 Guidelines

Catholic Diocese of San Diego asks parishioners to wear masks at indoor services, December 14, 2021

Bishop Of San Diego Discourages Religious Vaccine Exemptions, August 11, 2021 
Bishop's letter on new guidelines, August 6, 2021

Mark Price Ministries

Mark was in a serious car accident October 11, 2020. He is healing faster than the doctors said he wouldMark's Latest Health Update, October 15, 2022. He is back to work and accepting engagements to educate, to preach, to speak and to conduct missions in parishes and around the world.

Mark Price, an educator and actor, uses his acting skills to bring inspiring reflections and messages from the apostles and bible readings to the people. His presentations are performed with a compelling presence and a rare depth of the person he is portraying. Mark's focus for the past 50 years is to Re-Ignite the flame and the light within people. His intention is to re-ingnite the flame in those that allowed the flame to dim by encouraging, inspiring and motiviating them to come back into the faith.

You can listen to Mark's reflections on his YouTube Channel: Daily Reflections - All.

Watch his video collections on his YouTube Channel: Mark Price.

Learn more about Mark Price from his website: