COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Community Resources


Emergency Food Distribution Response

Catholic Charities San Diego (CCSD) has been diligently working to provide families who need food assistance. During this critical time, many people are homebound and unable to leave their homes to get the essentials, even meals. 

Connect to Emergency Food Distribution Network for more information on food orders, delivery options, and a list of participating parish locations in San Diego and Imperial Counties.  There are volunteer opportunities available. Learn more about how you can help!

For a list of participating parishes visit:


Bishop of San Diego letters Regarding Covid 19 Guidelines


Mark Price Ministries

During the Coronavirus lock-down, Mark presented a daily message entitled "If Not You, Then Who?" They are reflections on the Scriptures with a connection to our world today.

Important Announcement: Mark was in a serious car accident October 11, 2020. Mark's live performances and presentations will be on hold until further notice. However, you can share about five to eight minutes a day with Mark on his reflections before his car accident on his YouTube Channel, Daily Reflections - All. Mark is slowly healing, and you can keep in touch with Mark's update and what he is currenlty doing on his YouTube Channel, Mark Price. You can also go to Mark Price's website. Information, updates and donate to his medical/recovery costs are, also, available at this link:  Accident Updates!