Procedures for attending Mass on Site

Welcome back! As we reopen our church in phases, we want to cover the procedures that will help keep you and those around you safe when you attend Mass at St. Luke. We have reopened with Mass on Sat, June 13 at 5 pm, Sun, June 14 at 9 am (live-streamed) and 11:30 am. Remember, the obligation to attend Sunday Mass has been dispensed. If you are over 65 years of age OR have underlying health conditions, you are considered a higher risk than others. Your health and safety are so important to us and it's one of our priorities. We encourage you to consider staying home and joining us at our weekly live-streamed Mass. You may access the link on our parish website: Please know that you will be missed!


1. Reserve seats for you and/or your family/household unit. We are limited to 100 persons per Mass. This maximum includes clergy, liturgical ministers, ushers, altar server, and designated staff and volunteers. After reading this page you can reserve your seat(s) by clicking the link below.

2. Reservations will open on Wednesday, 12 Noon, immediately before the respective weekend Mass schedule. Remember that the maximum seating allowed is 100 persons. We ask for your understanding as you may have to choose another scheduled Mass when the maximum is reached.

3. If you reserve your seat(s) and later determine that you cannot attend, please call the parish office at 619/442-1697, to cancel your reservation and open your seat(s) for other parishioners. For last minute cancellations, you may also text Jane Alfano directly at 619/672-2180.

4. Be sure that you and/or those attending Mass are in good health and are symptom-free of the COVID-19 virus. Sanitize as best as possible before leaving your home and don’t forget your face masks. They are required for every person 2 years of age and older.


1. Be sure to wear your face masks as you exit your vehicle, approach the front entrance of the church, enter the gathering space, during Mass, and as you return to your vehicle. In other words, face masks must be worn at all times while you are on our parish campus.

2. Do not gather with others outside of your family/household unit before and after Mass. We must still do all we can to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

3. Arrive early as you will be checked-in and required to sanitize your hands before entering our gathering space. We will provide non-contact hand sanitizers for your safety and convenience.

4. A team of volunteers will disinfect the church after every Mass. If you feel you need to bring your own disinfectants, please do not bring any items that contain bleach as this will damage the pews. If you'd like to volunteer, contact Jane Alfano at [email protected]

5. You may ENTER ONLY through the main entrance/front doors of the church. The side doors will be used as EXITS ONLY. Persons with special physical needs may enter through the back entrance of the church and exit through the same doors.

6. You will be greeted by parish volunteers. They will check you in using the reservation list. Please follow their instructions.

7. You will not be able to bless yourselves with holy water before entering the gathering space. The baptismal font has been emptied to avoid cross-contamination.

8. You will be escorted to your seats by ushers and seated in a manner that will not require others to climb over you to get to their seats. You will be seated with a six feet distance between your party and other individuals or families/household units.


1. There will be no congregational singing (to avoid droplets or aerosol spread). the Mass parts will be spoken including the Responsorial Psalm. All music books have been removed to avoid cross-contamination. If you must sing or speak the responses, please do so in a soft voice.

2. There will be no-touch contact at the “Sign of Peace”. We encourage you to exchange kind words of “Peace be with you”, a wave, or a nod.

3. We will not pass the collection basket. The regular pew envelopes have been removed to avoid cross-contamination. We suggest you bring your own envelope. You will have the opportunity to drop your monetary gift offering in one of the collection baskets placed at the doors as you enter and exit Mass. We also encourage you to take advantage of the “Online Giving” option on the parish website at Just click on “Weekly Collection”.


  1. Per Bishop McElroy's directive, we will distribute Communion AFTER the Final Blessing. This will help minimize the risk of people coming in contact with others passing by and limit movement in the gathering space.
  2. When coming to Communion, bring all your personal belongings with you as you will leave immediately after Communion without returning to your seats. Follow the instructions of the ushers and in accordance with the floor directional arrows. Please keep your face mask on.
  3. We will distribute Communion under one species only. The Host will be placed directly on the palm of your hand, not on the tongue. Please keep your face mask on.
  4. After the Eucharistic Minister has placed the Host in your hand, walk away to a safe distance (marked spot on the floor), raise or lower your face mask, then consume the Host.
  5. Readjust your face mask. Follow the directional markers and leave the gathering space without returning to your seats.


1. Please go directly to your vehicle after leaving the gathering space. You may remove your face mask once you’ve safely reached your vehicle.

2. Exit the parking lot immediately and please drive safely!

May God bless you! Thank you for cooperating with us! 

By clicking the link to reserve your place, you are affirming that you have read and understood the above instructions:

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