Happy Thanksgiving!, 11/22/20

Dear STL Family,
This Sunday ends the Church Year with the Feast of Christ The King. As Fr. Ron shared in his homily, "Jesus, our King, is telling us that we have to take 
care of the insignificant people, the ones who have no significance, no status in society, no wealth in our world. So we have to ask ourselves who are the insignificant people in our lives that God has placed in our path and how are we going to take care of them." As we gather with our loved ones around the table this week, let's take a moment to name and pray for all insignificant people, especially the ones whom God places in our paths.
Let's also name and thank those who have helped nurture our faith. I'll start by thanking our Knights of Columbus. The WITNESS night of prayer held last week was definitely a life-giving spiritual experience and an illuminating evening. Special thanks to Lance Attiq, Dcn. Jerry, Dan Molden, Dave Condit, and all who were instrumental in hosting this prayer service. 
I also want to thank Mark Price whom we regard as part of our STL family. He has helped nurture the faith of our community through his live portrayals of biblical characters. Mark adds a personal dimension of those closest to Christ that arouses greater interest in scripture and conveys Christ's message in a unique way. In case you are not aware, Mark was in a horrific auto accident on Oct. 11th and has a long and arduous journey of recovery ahead. I'm sharing a video of Mark's personal update as well as a go-fund-me page if you'd like to view them. Please keep Mark and his family in your prayers.
I especially encourage you to share who or what has helped nurture your faith. Please feel free to click on the "Reply" button below and post it so we may share your joy and pray with you.
As we move into Advent and begin preparing for the coming of our King's birth, be intentional about praying together as a family because that is vital to nurturing our faith.
With a very grateful heart,
Thurs, Thanksgiving Day, 9 am outdoors (live-streamed)
       Sat, November 7th, 5 pm outdoors     
Sun, November 28th, 9 am outdoors (live-streamed)
Sun, November 28th, 11:30 am outdoors 
Sent by Jane Alfano