Register at St. Luke

The Catholic Church maintains boundaries for parishes but people are allowed to be members of whatever parish they choose. Techinically, if you have not officially joined a parish, you are considered to be a member of the parish within whose boundaries you reside. It is hard for the pastor, or pastoral staff, to know each parishioner personally so it is helpful for you to register, in either case.

If you are registered, you will receive parish mailings and may choose to be notified of parish events by e-mail. You may choose to receive donation envelopes and/or may support the parish through our automatic donation program.

Unrelated individuals in a household should register separately. Individuals or couples with children should register as a family. Once a child reaches the age of majority, they should register separately, even if still living at home wiith parents.

You may ask our Ushers for a registration form after Mass on Sunday, complete it and drop it in the collection basket on the following Sunday. You may register at the parish office on Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. You may also register online. 

To complete the form electronically online, simply download the form from the button below and type directly onto the document.  The completed document may be emailed or printed and brought to the Parish Office.  Please see the form for full submission details.

Upon submitting the form via email or in-person, you will receive an email from the Parish Office in 1-3 business days regarding your registration application.  Please have patience with us as we may experience a large influx of applications.

If you have any questions or concerns when registering as a member of our parish, please contact Joanie Maitilasso via email Joanie Maitilasso or phone at (619) 442-1697.


Parish Registration Form