Safe Place Faith Community


Safe Place CommunityWhile our main purpose is to address Domestic Violence in our parish and community, our wider focus is to address all forms of violence in our parish and community through Awareness, Support, and Education. Safe Place Faith Community provides support to parishioners, their families, and friends who suspect or know of domestic violence in their everyday relationships. We have trained volunteers ready to listen, ready to believe in you or those you love, and ready to offer assistance. Don’t hesitate to ask. Help is available at no cost.  


The Church’s position on Domestic Violence

The US bishops have made it clear that “no person is expected to stay in an abusive marriage.” “Violence against women, inside or outside the home, is never justified.” In fact, any form of violence – physical, psychological or verbal – is sinful and often a crime. The person being assaulted needs to know that acting to end the abuse does not violate the marriage promises. Rather, it is the violence itself that violates, that “contradicts the very nature of the conjugal union.”

Video on Catholic Response to Domestic Violence:

The Catholic Response to Domestic Violence - YouTube

While most violence is perpetrated against women, it is known that men can also be the victims of abuse. We support all abused regardless of gender, race, or religion.


No spouse, friend, or relative has the right to harm or hurt those they love or who are in their care.

Types of Violence:

Domestic Violence – A pattern of behavior that seeks power and control over another person. This can be physical, sexual, psychological/emotional, economic, or spiritual. Though women are the larger percentage of victims, men can also be victims.  For more information go to Domestic Violence.

Dating Violence – This may include Physical, Sexual, Psychological, Stalking. Know the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships. For more information go to Dating Violence.

Child Abuse – This may include Physical, Sexual, Psychological, Neglect. Know the signs of child abuse. Know the impact on children who experience domestic violence. For more information go to Child Abuse.

Sex Trafficking – Children are recruited from school campuses too. For more information go to Sex Trafficking.

Elder Abuse – Resources and Tips on hiring a caregiver. For more information go to Elder Abuse.

Do you know someone who may be a victim of Abuse? How you can help: For more information go to How You Can help.