Church of St. Luke Lending Library

Lending Library book shelf

The Library is located in the parish hall on the sides of the fireplace.



  1. Select the book or DVD you would like to borrow
    1. You can click a link below to see what we have in the library, listed by title, author, or category
    2. You can click a link below to see a description of the book or DVD you are curious about
    3. You can click a link below to see a bio on the author
  2. Fill out the date, name of the book or DVD you are borrowing, and your contact information (PLEASE PRINT) on the clipboard on the library shelf
  3. If it is a book you don’t want others to know you checked out, email rich@warcholiks with the information to check it out more confidentially
  4. When you return the book or DVD, just find where you checked it out and check the returned box, or fill out a new line with the book name and check the returned box.


If you are unable to come to the church to check out a book or DVD, contact Rich Warcholik, rich@warcholiks, or 619-933-8468, or 619-440-2269 and we will see that the book or DVD is delivered to you.


If you have a good book that you would like to donate, please drop it off at the office or contact Rich Warcholik @


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