RAIN - Sat, Jan. 23rd's 5 pm Mass CANCELLED, 1/22/21

Dear STL Family,
Can you believe we're already into week three of 2021? I don't know about you but I've actually kept a few of my resolutions going so far and that is, 
  • 13 minutes of quiet meditation each day
  • step away from all electronics - my computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone for 13 minutes every 2 hours of work/personal business at home for a prayer, a walk around the house (indoor & outdoor), a healthy snack.
Why 13 you ask? I like that number and it seems more doable for me. You see, TIME is something I truly care about; not just how much time, but how I spend that time. As I reflect on how I spent my time in 2020, I realized that while all I did was necessary and good for the most part, I felt I didn't have much control or felt exhausted at the end of each day. It took a few visits to my doctor, a lot of heart-to-heart talks with my adult children and close friends, and finally (and most importantly) developing a truer and deeper relationship with God. 
I think of all of you and am amazed at how you find time to do the things most important to you. I really appreciate your pearls of wisdom and show of understanding throughout this pandemic. You continue to inspire me!
At this week's parish staff meeting, we discussed planning for Lent & Easter, any adjustments to our faith formation, and key sacramental prep programs for this second half of the 2020-2021 year. Of course, planning is as good as the situation at hand, right? Flexibility and Shift are key operating words for us during COVID. Based on our best guess, here's our plan:
  • For the five weeks of Lent, beginning Feb. 17 - Mar 27, 2021, we are offering you the chance to participate in Small Church Groups. I will send out a survey next week with options and details (by parish only or diocesan-wide, by peer group or mixed generations, etc.) for you and your families.
  • Our Faith Formation Leaders will continue with our current course offerings and sacramental preparation with additional diversified activities and enrichment for the second half of this program year.
Thank you for indulging us and KEEP YOU EYES PEELED the next few weeks for important events of Lent and parish news...
With a very grateful heart,
* * * HEADS UP! * * *
Due to a 90% chance of RAIN ~
Watch your Flocknote and phone text message 
for Sunday, Jan. 24th,
9 & 11:30 am Mass announcements.
NOTE ~ Sunday, 9 am Mass
is live-streamed on The Church of
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Sent by Jane Alfano