THE GIVING TREE Project of St. Luke Inbox, 12/2/20

A great way to celebrate Christmas is by giving our gifts to Jesus ~ gifts of love and gratitude. It's a time we can stop and remember those who are often forgotten. We can help those in need. We can show our gratitude by reaching out to those whose need is much greater than ours. We can convey our love to those who are lonely and abandoned.
Dear STL Family,
May I state the obvious? It's that wonderful time of year when we focus our attention on gift-giving! We are reaching for those gift lists and diving into shopping mode. I know this time of year also brings out the selfless nature in many of you. St. Luke's nonprofit partners (listed at the bottom of this note) help us share ways you can make an impactful socially-minded gift.
This pandemic may have disrupted our traditional giving patterns, but it will not deter us from helping:
  • families rise out of extreme poverty, 
  • single moms with children find shelter from domestic violence, 
  • teens and young women escape from human trafficking, 
  • homeless individuals and families find temporary housing while seeking jobs, and
  • senior citizens find safety from elderly abusers.
I know we're all feeling the pinch financially. Who isn't, right? I also know many of you have made financial adjustments to your family budget, yet continue to support our parish ministries and operational needs. I really admire your resiliency and while the need is greater, I believe so is your compassion. God bless you!
With a very grateful heart,
HOW YOU MAY HELP ~ Go to our parish website:
  • Select and click on the monetary amount you would like to donate.
  • Choose from the list of vendors:, CVS, Rite Aid, Smart & Final, Target, Vons, Albertsons, Safeway, Walgreen's, or Walmart. Indicate your vendors in the "Comment" area. 
  • You may also choose an organization to donate to from this list: Crisis House, Interfaith Shelter Network (El Nido), San Diego Youth Services, El Cajon Collaborative Member Agencies. Indicate your Agency(s) in the "Comment" area.
  • NOTE:  These nonprofit agencies have been vetted and have proven to be trustworthy throughout our partnership over the years. Their missions are in line with the  Catholic Church's social justice and service values.
Sent by Jane Alfano