We Want To Hear From You!, 11/20/20

The Church of St. Luke The Church of St. Luke
Yes, this note is a come-on, 
but not a Black Friday come-on!
We are here to serve you and to give you every chance to share in His Joy with your faith community in-person. No purchase necessary ~ just your input...
We may not know exactly WHERE we'll celebrate Mass on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day -- INDOORS OR OUTDOORS? But we do have an idea of WHEN.
We just need to know if and when you and your family plan on gathering with us IN PERSON. By responding to this poll, you are not committing yourselves, just helping us with our planning. 
This tentative schedule presumes the current COVID restrictions will remain in place and we'll celebrate our Masses outdoors ~ no reservations needed and no maximum persons limit.
~ St. Luke's Christmas Mass Survey ~
Sent by Jane Alfano